>> The profession & marketing

Singer Safety® is creating, designing, finalizing, standardizing and manufacturing a full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect people at work.

Our products are sold to professional end users worldwide through a network of specialized distributors.

Always attentive to market needs, we constantly seek to improve the quality, ergonomics and design of our products to make them ever more comfortable and attractive.

>> Values

Performance-focused ambition, promising respect with integrity guaranteed 

Our taste for performance requires us to be very exacting. From product design to production, we leave nothing to chance.

Our job is to ensure that every item of PPE is 100% compliant with the European standards by focusing on aesthetics, comfort, originality and modernity.

The continuous improvement of our products is a central concern. Our mission is to offer the most demanding professionals ever more reliable, durable and safe products at competitive prices.

For three generations, this taste for performance has been guided by values ​​of respect and integrity.

We strive to establish close and lasting relationships with all our partners based on trust, consideration and openness. We strive to make clear and transparent information available to everyone. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

Conscious of the importance of environmental issues, we seek to implement solutions adapted to sustainable development.

These three fundamental founding values ​​have, for many years, allowed us to achieve our established goals of sustainability, informed growth and independence, to which we are deeply committed.

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>> A family history

The story began more than 120 years ago, in Saint-Omer in northern France. Two brothers, Achille and Maurice Singer, invested in a tannery and began producing harnesses and accessories.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the factory was in ruins. The bombing might have finished off the family business were it not for the entrepreneurial spirit of its second generation, who took the fate of the operation into their hands.

Maurice’s sons, Michel and Etienne, decided to invest in modern production tools to make protective gloves, mainly out of leather, to meet growing industry demand.

The story gathered pace in the 1970s as the two visionary brothers anticipated the changes that would gradually mark the global economy.

This resolutely innovative strategic positioning enabled the company to design and manufacture new products, expand its offering and extend its influence over the global market.

The 1990s saw the arrival of the third generation. The sons of Michel, Laurent and Patrick took over the management of the company, pursuing, strengthening and accelerating its development based on the values ​​they held dear..


View of old workshops. Years 1970-1980

>> Organisation

Our 10,000 m2 logistics platform, located at the heart of the port of Dunkirk, enables us to make over 8 million carefully selected 
and checked items permanently available to our distributor customers from all around the world.

We are totally in control of our operations and this, combined with the experience accumulated over generations, guarantees you
genuine expertise and reliable, consistently high-quality products. 

Our competent, dynamic teams are attentive to your needs, ensuring a high level of responsiveness and optimum service.

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