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Dear customers,
The pandemic period that we have been going through for a year now has deeply and durably disrupted the entire international logistics chain, considerably lengthening delivery times.
Despite sea transport costs multiplied by 5 in the space of a few months and weighing heavily on our operation, we are experiencing many difficulties in the delivery of some of our products, the transport demand greatly exceeding supply, creating thus a shortage of containers and a lack of available space on ships. The increase in global maritime traffic is also causing congestion at the world's main trading ports, further accentuating delays.
The recent blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given container ship, which paralyzed all maritime traffic to Europe for more than a week, also risks significantly delaying some of our supplies in the next few weeks.
Rest assured that our teams are, as usual, fully mobilized to serve you, provide you with solutions and keep you informed.
Counting on your understanding in these difficult times and thanking you for your support and loyalty,
Best regards
The Singer® Safety Team




Dear Customers
We bring to your attention that in the context of the Covid 19 epidemic, certain so-called "sensitive" products are currently unavailable online and cannot be ordered via this platform. (respiratory protection, disposable gloves, certain safety eyewear products, etc.)
On the other hand, to the worldwide shortage of these products unfortunately come additional price increases that were unforeseeable when we published our last price list.
This case of force majeure therefore obliges us to review certain pricing conditions for these products.
We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation on this matter.

Take good care of yourself.
Your Singer® Safety team