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19Lipiec2022 o 8h30 //

Heat wave alert

With summer and global warming we are increasingly faced with intense heat waves.
To protect yourself, it is essential to take precautions:
- Drink plenty of water and stay cool.
- Do not consume alcohol.
- Wear light, loose and loose clothing.
- Use fans and foggers
- Stay out of the sun, especially during the hottest hours of the day.
- Arrange working hours, especially outdoors. Increase breaks.
- Check in with loved ones
- Close the shutters and window during the day, ventilate at night.
- To avoid fires, adopt common sense gestures (do not throw cigarette butts, do not have a charcoal barbecue, etc.)
- Wear a refreshing cap (our ref CAPCOOL).
- Wear sunglasses (EVAPOLAR).