Polyurethane ear-plugs with headband (SNR: 21 db)


Size Quantity
One size only

Handy and flexible black reusable headband.
Comfortable polyurethane (PU) disposable yellow ear-plugs.
SNR 21dB (H: 24dB, M: 16dB, L: 14dB).

(the ear-plugs can be changed  with new ones; see our ref HG548NJRB).

Easy to use.
Practical and hygienic presentation under individual polybag.
Light weight.

Application types

Structural work
Light industry
Heavy industry
Finishing work
Public works

Precautions for use

Warning: before any use please read carefully the instructions for use and keep it.
Never use a product outside its intended area of use.
It is brought to the attention of users that a product, even tested and certified according to one or more standards, is never a total guarantee of protection against the risk (s) involved.
Always read the limits of use and protection and the precautions for use.
Before each use, check the good state of the product. Do not use a worn or damaged product.
If any doubt or if you have any questions, please contact Singer Safety® Customer Service at your disposal.


Download the declaration of conformity of this product to the regulation (EU) 2016/425 on PPE and / or to another possible regulation on: http://docs.singer.fr

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