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Large clear polycarbonate spare visor for EVA805. (395 x 200 mm).

  Clear wide polycarbonate spare visor for EVA805. Dimension: 395 x 200 mm. Thi...
Documentation :
View FileACC805 LARG (Download PDF datasheet)


Clear wide polycarbonate spare visor for EVA805
Dimension: 395 x 200 mm. 
Thickness 1.00 mm.
Can be used on EVA805 yellow brow protector.

Standard(s) of products
  • EN166
Easy adjustment on the yellow brow protector.
Protective film.
Allow to keep the brow protector still in good state while you change only the visor.
Type(s) of uses
This equipment (to adjust on the yellow impact browguard EVA805) has been designed to protect the user against the risk of injury to the eyes and face by mechanical impacts.
Scouring. Sanding, Agriculture. Forestry. Painting work. Burnishing. Sandblasting. Joinery work...
(Type of use is given as a guide only. It is to the end user to check whether the product is suitable or not for the intended use. Before any use, read carefully the instructions enclosed with the product).
Safety precautions
Fix it only on the model brow protector EVA805.
Check that the protection is suitable for the intended use.
Read carefully the instructions before use.
Also replace the brow protective if it has been damaged.
Carton of 200 pieces.
Each piece under individual polybag.
Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
Download the EU declaration of conformity on:

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