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Compact and foldable ear-muff. SNR: 32,1 dB.

 [Classics ear-muffs]  [Foldable]Folding ear muff made of two red cups tied together ...
Documentation :
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[Classics ear-muffs]  [Foldable]
Folding ear muff made of two red cups tied together with a headband.
This headband is prolonged with stainless steel bars which come into the sheaths on the cups.
The red cups features black ear cushions with inner insulated foam.
SNR: 32,1dB (H: 35,5 M: 29,7 L: 21,1).
 237 g

Standard(s) of products
  • EN352-1
Folds easily for convenient storage.
Soft seal ear cushion.
Comfortable low pressure fit.
Good noise protection.
Classic design but efficient and cost-effective choice.
Type(s) of uses
This equipment provides excellent protection by filtering out high-frequency noises that can be encountered near rotating machines such as workshop machinery, motorized saws etc.
Industry, machine shops, automotive assembly, airports, printing works, carpentry, construction, sheet-metal shops, lawn mowing etc..
(Type of use is given as a guide only. It is to the end user to check whether the product is suitable or not for the intended use. Before any use, read carefully the instructions enclosed with the product).
Safety precautions
Read carefully the instructions enclosed with the product before use.
Check that the equipment is suitable for the intended use.
For reasons of safety and hygiene, this product is for personal use only.
Worn or damaged products must not be used and must be replaced.
Put the ear muffs on before exposing yourself to noise, and wear them during the whole noise exposure.
Carton of 60 pieces.
Box of 10 pieces.
Each ear-muff individually packed in a polybag.
This product has been tested according to the following European Standard:
- EN352-1. Hearing protectors. General requirements. Part 1: Ear-muffs.
It complies with the European Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
(Category II, intermediate design).
EC type examination certificate n°0501/444/159/01/14/0126 issued by the C.R.I.T.T.
Notified body n°0501.

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