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Face shield holder. Tested against the the short circuit electric arc.

[Tested against the the short circuit electric arc]Face shield holder.Suitable for easy fitting on...
Documentation :

[Tested against the the short circuit electric arc]

Face shield holder.

Suitable for easy fitting on FORCE or FORCE2 with adaptors FORCEACC (solde separetely)
or with the ear-defender FORCE107. 

Allow to adapt either

>> polycarbonate visors:

- FORCE805 (Tested against the the short circuit electric arc)
- ACC930CL
- ACC930TL
- ACC805

>> or mesh visor

- ACC825


Standard(s) of products
  • EN166
  • EN1731
Simple and easy to use.
Can be quickly fixed onto the helmet with the FORCEACC adaptors (sold separetely).
Allows you to use two different types of visors, polycarbonate or mesh.
Type(s) of uses
This product equipped with a suitable visor and mounted on the helmet FORCE or FORCE2, is designed to protect the user against the risk of injury to the eyes and face by mechanical impacts.
Maintenance of green areas, pruning, gardening, harvesting, grinding, scraping...
(Type of use is given as a guide only. It is to the end user to check whether the product is suitable or not for the intended use. Before any use, read carefully the instructions enclosed with the product).
Safety precautions
Read carefully the instructions enclosed with the product before use.
Check that the glove is suitable for the intended use.
For reasons of safety and hygiene, this product is for personal use only.
Worn or damaged products must not be used and must be replaced.
Be careful, the models FORCE107, FORCE, ACC805, ACC805LARG, ACC930CL, ACC930TL are not tested against the short circuit electric arc.
Carton of 60 pieces.
Bundle of 10 pieces.
This equipment has been tested according to the following European Standards:
- EN166: 2002. Personal eye protection – Specifications – (marking: 3 8 9 BT)
- EN1731:2007. Personal eye protection. Mesh eye and face protectors (Marking: S).
It complies with the European Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
(Category II, intermediate design).
EC type examination certificate n°CE 612131. issued by BSI, notified body n°0086.

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