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Fall arrest

A personal fall arrest protection device includes several crucial elements and a set of standards :

• Body holding device (with one or more hooking points)
• Link between that device and an anchoring point
• Anchor device (anchoring point and structural anchor)



> The safety harness,

body holding system designed to prevent falls, attached directly to the user. This system can include various parts : straps, buckles, etc...
A harness includes at least one anchoring point (or attaching point) providing a link with a lanyard. This part is covered by standard EN361:
« Personal protective equipment against from falls from a height: full body harnesses ».
The harness may also include a belt (body holding device around the waist). The belts are covered by standard EN358:
Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height : «Belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyards ». The belts can also be used as work positioning and retention belts, when hooked up to a lanyard. (in this case, the gear does not fulfil the fall arrest function)

> Anti - fall link
(connecting element)
It is the link between the person – the harness – and the anchoring point). It is a lanyard that is typically made from rope, synthetic fibber, metal wire, strap or chain. Maximum length = 2 meters. This part is covered by standard EN354 «Personal protective equipment against falls from a height: Lanyards».
These elements can include an energy absorber ; the energy absorber helps absorb the impact of a fall. This element is covered by standard EN355 « Personal protective equipment against falls from a height: Energy absorbers ». The absorber is made up of a strap folded into a package. In the event of an impact, the package is torn open and the strap unfolds, thereby reducing the braking force to a non harmful level. The anti-fall link is equipped with a connector that links to both: to the harness (fastening point) and to the anchoring point. The connectors can be made directly with the lanyard and/or the energy absorber or sold separately and fitted on using a karabiner

The connectors are covered by standard EN362 « Personal protective equipment against falls from a height : Connectors ». Iron or steel connectors should be protected against corrosion.

> A anchor device
Structural anchor - anchor device - anchoring point - PPE
Structural anchor - PPE

The anchoring device is covered by standard EN795 « Protection equipment against falls from a heights
- Anchor devices – Requirements and testing ».

Various classes are defined in the standard according to the anchoring type.
Class A1  Structural anchors designed to be secured to vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces - PPE
Class A2  Structural anchors designed to be secured to inclined roofs - PPE
Class B     Transportable temporary anchor devices - PPE
Class C    Anchor devices employing horizontal flexible lines - non PPE
Class D    Anchor devices employing horizontal rigid anchor rails - PPE
Class E    Dead weight anchors for use on horizontal surfaces - PPE
There can be safeguard supports between the anchors :
• anchor rail connectable to PPE
• flexible anchor line connectable to PPE


anti-chute> Other products :
Guide type fall arresters on a rigid anchorage line: standard EN353-1

Guide type fall arresters on a flexible anchorage line: standard EN353-2

norme EN360
«Personal protective equipment against falls from a
height- Retractable type fall arresters.

> Other standards
«Personal protective equipment againts falls from a height: General requirements for instructions for use and
for marking» .


« Personal protective equipment against falls from a height - Fall arrest system. (...) this standard describes, using examples, the manner in which components or component assemblies can be connected in a fall arrest system. These examples should help the buyer or user assemble all components properly and form a fall arrest system « (does not include anchoring points).
This standard also specifies «that a fall arrest harness and a lanyard without an energy absorber should not be used as a fall arrest system.»

« Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Test methods. Specifies the test methods for elements of a PPE fall arrest system and device.

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