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Helmets and bump caps

Hazards related to falling objects :

The protection helmet plays a crucial part, which includes three aspects:
- Antipenetration function: reinforces the skull,
- shock-absorbing function: absorbs shocks,
- deflecting function: diverts the trajectory of the falling object.

CasquesHazards resulting from impacts :
Less spectacular than falling objects, but more common, the helmet plays a protective role here too.

Electric hazards :
Helmets should be isolated and pass specific tests.

Projection hazards :
Liquid projection (chemicals), molten metal.
Optional additional requirements are applicable only when specifically demanded by the manufacturer of the helmet

Using watermelons for a dramatic demonstration of the protection given by an industrial safety helmets
Test pastèque

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EN397 (EN397/A1) - Industrial safety helmet.

This sets out the physical and performance requirements, testing methods and marking requirements of protection
helmets for the industry.

The obligatory requirements apply to protection helmets for everyday use in industry.
Among the obligatory requirements are:
- shock absorption: a hard-hitting mass of 5.0 kg (+/- 0.1 kg) is dropped onto the top part of the helmet at a height of 1000 mm (+/- 5 mm),
- penetration resistance: a hard-hitting mass of 3.0 kg (+/- 0.05 kg) with particular characteristics is dropped onto the top part
of the helmet at a height of 1000 mm (+/- 5 mm);
it is to be noted if contact between the point and false head is found,
- flame-resistance,
- chin-strap anchorage points.

EN13087-1 to EN13087-10 - Protective helmets: test methods

EN812 - Industrial bump caps.
This standard specifies the physical and performance requirements, the testing methods and the marking requirements of the bump caps for industry. The bump caps for industry are intended to protect the wearer when he hits his head against hard and stationary objects with sufficient force to cause lacerations or other superficial injuries. They are not intended to protect from the effects of projections or the falling of suspended or moving objects or loads. One should not confuse the bump caps for industry with the protection helmets for industry specified in EN 397.

EN14052 - High performance industrial safety helmets

EN443 - Helmets for firefighters.

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