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Full face mask. Rubber. 1 filter (cartridge) carrier.

[ Rubber ]Full face mask.External face piece in rubber. Anti-scratch treated polycarbonate ...
Documentation :
View FileMP731R + cartridges (Download PDF datasheet)

[ Rubber ]
Full face mask.

External face piece in rubber. 
Anti-scratch treated polycarbonate 
panoramic visor. 
Harness made up of 5 easy adjustable
Inside masks with two membranes for 
easy air circulation and mist prevention. 
1 filter carrier (cartridge) with standard 
EN148/1 threading. 
Delivered without cartridge. 
Delivered in a non-woven bag.

Standard(s) of products
  • EN136
Quality and reliability of an European made product.
Comfortable and easy to adjust.
Wide field of vision (panoramic visor).
Large choice of cartdriges.
Inside masks with two membranes for easy air circulation and mist prevention.
Type(s) of uses
This panoramic mask must be used with the appropriate filter cartridges, reference 725A2, 725P3, 725A2P3, 725AB2P3, 725ABEK2, 725ABEK2P3, 725ABEK2HgP3, 725K2.
Depending on the selected cartridge (learn more in the standards information section), this equipment can be used for industrial maintenance, fertilizing, chemical industry, paint application, carpentry, wood industries...
Safety precautions
Check carefully that the equipement is suitable for the intended use.
Replace the used or deteriorated equipements.
Use only cartridges designed for this model.
Read the user information sheet enclosed with the product before use.
Sold by piece.
EC type examination certificate n°21204504 issued by the 'Instituto Nacional de Seguridad E Higiene en el Trabajo, notified body n°0159.

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