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Hygienic paper face mask. 2 ply. Box of 100 pieces.

  Hygienic paper face mask. 2 ply.Elastic headband on ears. Single use item.&nbs...
Documentation :

Hygienic paper face mask. 
2 ply.
Elastic headband on ears. 
Single use item. 
White colour.
Box of 100 pieces.
Unik® collection.

Standard(s) of products
Easy to adjust.
Light weight.
Clear vision.
Type(s) of uses
These paper masks can be used in many jobs that require you to protect against light soiling and / or to protect the environment against the micro-particles and dust emitted by the user.
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations, manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, renovation, maintenance, hospitals, housekeeping, manufacture of food products, factory tour, packing and packaging...
(Type of use is given as a guide only. It is to the end user to check whether the product is suitable or not for the intended use.).
Safety precautions
Do not use under any risks that may threaten the health or safety of the user.
Hygiene product and non-safety. Do not use as a protection device.
During activities in sensitive areas such as food industry, electronics… it is generally required to remove all personal belongings, decorative rings, necklaces, bracelets...
100 boxes x 100 units
Not PPE.
Hygiene product.

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