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Forest helmet

Forest helmet which includes: - the safety helmet FORCE2, - the adjustable ear cups FORCE1...
Documentation :

Forest helmet which includes: 
- the safety helmet FORCE2,
- the adjustable ear cups FORCE107,
- the mesh visor FORCE825,
- the face shield holder FORCESUP.

Standard(s) of products
  • EN1731
  • EN352-3
  • EN397
Comfortable (8 points harness), lightweight and strong.
Very convenient with the ratchet system adjustment.
Front sweatband for improved comfort.
Back comfort foam pad.
Modern and aesthetic design.
Helmet with low temperature (-30°C) certification, electric insulation 440 V (A.C), and splash of molten metal (MM).
Combinated protections.
Easy to use.
Type(s) of uses
Thanks to the kit which includes the various components of protection, this product is suitable for all outdoor activities in green areas such as forestry industry, maintenance of parks and gardens, pruning, clearing…
(Type of use is given as a guide only. It is to the end user to check whether the product is suitable or not for the intended use. Before any use, read carefully the instructions enclosed with the product).
Safety precautions
Check carefully that the equipment is suitable for the intended use.
Replace damaged equipement.
Read the instructions enclosed with the product before use.
For reasons of safety and hygiene, this product is for personal use only
Carton of 12 pieces.
Packed in individual box.
See the references FORCEO, FORCE107 and FORCESUP.

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