Seamless machine knit gloves
The advantages of this pattern.

These gloves are one piece knitted made  that is to say seamless and are produced on specific knitting machines.

For proper and comfortable  fit of the glove on the hand, the wrist is usually knitted with elastic thread.

This construction provides optimum comfort  to the user while avoiding the risk of
roughness, and heating points due to the threads, which can be very annoying and painful after sometimes.

The fabric is a knit which naturally has an elastic property.

It fits perfectly well to the contours of your hand and offers the user an exceptional feel and dexterity!

In the absence of coating,  the glove is ambidextrous and fits either the left or right hand.

Given their finesse and their good adaptability to hand these gloves can also be used as inner glove (additional protection against cold, heat, cut etc.).

This pattern opens the door to a multitude of possible creation:
- Multiplying the number of thread
- Playing on the measurement of the thread
- Using different materials of thread (cotton, polyester, polyamide, aramid, 
  HDPE ...)
By varying the gauge used
- Etc. ..

Moreover once these gloves are made a particular coating can be made, bringing this way additional properties such as better grip or greater protection against liquid ...

Many different material can be used for the coating;
it  can be latex, nitrile, PVC, polyurethane etc. ...

Each material provides useful specific properties for specific jobs.

Nitrile for example with have a better resistance against oils and fats.

The coatings can be made
- Only on the palm of the glove, (the open back with offer breathability)
- On the palm and the back and half of the back of glove (knuckle coated)
- Or the entire glove can be covered (full protection).

Some fully dipped gloves will resist against chemicals and will be certified as per EN374 European standard.

There are different type of coating:

- The conventional "flat" coating which provides greater resistance to liquid  
   penetration but low breathability and low grip in wet conditions.

- Foam coating provides less resistance to liquid penetration but better 
  breathability and grip in wet conditions.